The Merlin Fireworks story: exporting with extra whoosh, fizzle and pop

Its unique computer firing system means that the sky truly is the limit when it comes to visual effects.

A night to remember
Andy, Jon and Rob certainly started their business off with a bang. Shortly after Merlin Fireworks was born, the team found themselves on the banks of the River Thames, operating part of the United Kingdom’s biggest ever display for the eve of the Millennium.

This huge statement catapulted the business to new heights, where Merlin has enjoyed success ever since. Recently, the team has helped Cardiff celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and provided a New Year’s Eve countdown display for over 200,000 residents of Lagos, Nigeria.

British quality with global appeal
From Chinese New Year to Eid, fireworks are the centrepiece for celebrations across the world – making it the natural next step for Merlin to begin exporting. Merlin’s signature colour, sound and sheer spectacle can be found at events in:

Saudi Arabia
Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates

And with the list continuing to grow, it’s safe to say that where there’s a celebration, you’ll find Merlin Fireworks.

Has Merlin’s story sparked your imagination?
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