The exciting world of water treatment opportunities

With summer approaching, it’s important to keep hydrated in the heat. Across the globe, water will be an essential when temperatures start to rise. But in some countries there’s still a high demand for water that’s clean and easily accessible. The solution could be right here, in the UK.

There’s a huge need for services that can help improve water systems abroad – and plenty of British companies that can lend a hand. Think you can offer your skills to some water-based projects? In this blog post, we reveal where you can make a difference.

Turkey – water treatment facilities
Supervision and technical assistance is needed in both the Giresun and Sirnak provinces. This includes training staff and providing support for the construction of a new wastewater treatment facility. Apply now to help make a difference to these communities.

Peru – water services for technical irrigation
Do you have experience in working on technical irrigation projects? A large district municipality in central Peru is looking for water irrigation services for multiple communities. The goal is to increase agriculture and maintain the stunning landscapes – perfect if environmental projects are your bag.

Burma – water quality testing kits
An organisation in Burma needs water quality testing kits. It’s also looking for user training, so that these handy kits can be used by the people themselves – making a big change to their lives. Snap up this opportunity if you’d like to help more people drink cleaner, safer water.

Turkey – non-native invasive pest species
Another one for Turkey, this time technical services are needed to control non-native invasive pest species in water and on land. They’re affecting activities such as fishing, swimming and walking. Apply now to defeat these pesky pests and help residents get back to the things they enjoy.

Brazil – sewage technical and advisory services
A major bank wants to develop partnerships with waste water consultancies. If operation, planning and management is right up your street, this opportunity could be for you. The bank wants a variety of technical services, so find out how you can cash in.

Seize a rewarding new challenge today
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