The Absolute Collage story: a Wolverhampton skincare brand taking on the world

From Brompton Bicycles to The Cambridge Satchel Company, Britain has a long legacy of globally successful, kitchen table businesses. A new name to add to this ever-growing list is Absolute Collagen, a company specialising in ‘drinkable skincare’.

Founded by first-time entrepreneur Maxine Laceby, Absolute Collagen has taken the beauty world by storm. With features in Hello, GQ and The Guardian (to name a few), it’s hard to believe the company began life in Maxine’s kitchen in Wolverhampton.

A passion for skincare, transformed into a business
After hanging up her school-run keys for good, Maxine was inspired to explore her passion for skincare. To her children’s horror, she began boiling up chicken feet and pig’s trotters in her kitchen to make bone broth that contained collagen.

As the main structural protein in the human body, collagen acts as a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It’s also said to help with everything from joint pain to digestive issues. After drinking bone broth every day, Maxine was delighted with the appearance of her skin, hair and nails.

Inspired by the discovery, she sourced professional facilities and manufacturers, and began to develop a formula using hydrolysed marine collagen – the purest form of collagen. High in essential and non-essential amino acids, Maxine realised this type of collagen could rejuvenate the skin with one tiny daily dose. Perfect for skincare enthusiasts on the go.

Finding a niche in the world of beauty
With the market already oversaturated with supplements and ‘wonder cures’, Maxine knew Absolute Collagen had to be different.

She positioned her products at super-busy women like herself, developing 10ml sachets of powder which could be taken anywhere, at any time of day. Unlike supplements, Maxine’s ‘drinkable skincare’ could be added to tea, water or even stirred into yoghurt and porridge.

Along with her army of ‘Absoluters’, Maxine launched Absolute Collagen at Beauty UK – the biggest beauty trade fair in the UK. It was this post-launch success that led to Maxine meeting two new ‘Absoluters’ Jayne and Katy, who soon became her dream marketing team.

Establishing millions of customers all over the world
Since launching Absolute Collagen and Absolute Collagen for Men, the site has been inundated with glowing reviews. It’s the impact Absolute Collagen has on real people that’s inspired Maxine to share her formula with customers all over the world.

By working with DIT, Maxine is now exploring the best international markets for Absolute Collagen and is ready to take her first steps towards going global.

Start your journey today
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