Ten unusual British products in global demand right now

Exporting isn’t all car parts and medical supplies. And it isn’t just for big brands – there’s plenty of room for the niche, the unexpected and the wonderfully weird. From beer to boxing gloves, distinctive British products are sought after all over the world. Here are just 10 unusual export opportunities waiting for a British business to snap them up.

  1. Baked beans

You know them as a classic British delicacy that’s best served on toast, but it isn’t just the UK that has an appetite for baked beans. A food retailer in Turkey is looking to stock up on the hearty snack, alongside its existing range of jams, coffee, teas, oils and honey.

  1. Jam

Another quintessentially British foodstuff, jam is the cornerstone of every good afternoon tea. Quality British jams are wanted across the globe, particularly in countries such as Thailand. But Thailand’s appetite for sweet stuff doesn’t end there, as it’s also looking for a supplier of sugar-free chocolate.

  1. Chlorine

When you take a dip in the pool on your next Grecian getaway, the chlorine keeping it clean might be from right here in the UK. The Greek government is currently looking for a supplier for 800 tonnes of chlorine. That should be enough to keep the pools in those stunning resorts looking beautiful all year round.

  1. Non-alcoholic beer

The biggest global demand is often for products you’d never think of. Non-alcoholic beer is immensely popular in countries such as India, making it one of our most common export opportunities. Currently, a company in India is looking for a non-alcoholic beer supplier with access to brands such as Carlsberg and Heineken. Cheers!

  1. Furniture for train interiors

Taking exporting to a whole new level of niche, a company in Hong Kong is looking for furniture to go inside the carriages of 77 trains. The rail operator is in need of quality cushions and carpets that meet the fire requirements of both British and European standards. All that’s missing is Poirot and a good murder mystery plot.

  1. Glittery lipgloss and neon hairspray

As home to the legacy of Mary Quant, Liz Earle and Rimmel London, it’s no surprise there’s a global demand for British beauty products. Right now, a prominent Indonesian health and beauty retailer is looking for lip gloss, eyeshadow and hair-colouring spray – all from the UK.

  1. Surveillance systems for wild animals

A security system integrator in Slovakia is looking for a surveillance system supplier. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? But this isn’t just any system – it’s needed to notify drivers about wild animals.

  1. Electronic boxing gloves

Ever fancied helping to train the next Anthony Joshua? A sports culture company in China is looking for a British supplier of electronic boxing gloves. This type of technology uses Bluetooth to connect the gloves to a device and tells you how fast and hard you’re punching. The idea is to take the guesswork out of boxing training or feature in virtual reality games.

  1. Book paper

From Penguin to Bloomsbury (and a certain Ms Rowling), we’re known the world over for our rich, literary heritage. But it isn’t just our authors who are in demand – it’s our paper too.

A production unit in the Philippines is looking for a company to supply and deliver book paper. Their current budget to buy the paper (which must be Class A, wood-free paper) is £268,620.82. We think this means the phrase ‘not worth the paper it’s printed on’ can officially be abandoned.  

  1. Pet products

It isn’t just the British public that likes to pamper their pets. If you make the comfiest dog beds or chew toys that keep pooches occupied for hours, your products are needed in almost every country you can think of.

Companies in both Taiwan and the Czech Republic are currently looking for supplies that are perfect for dogs, cats and other small animals. Sounds like a ‘pawsome’ opportunity to us.

Are you a weird and wonderful business who can tackle these tasks?

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