Metals and chemicals supplier doubles exports after creating ‘export-friendly’ website

Wolverhampton-based Hart Materials has been working closely with the DIT team in Staffordshire to put in place a bespoke export strategy, targeting Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Slovenia. Part of this strategy has included a focus on the company’s website, making it more accessible to potential overseas clients.

After receiving DIT funding, the company – which supplies metals, alloys and metallic-composite products to the manufacturing sector – commissioned their digital provider to add eight new welcome pages to the website, each in the language of the targeted countries.

Dr Tony Hart, who founded Hart Materials in 1981, said: “We have been amazed at the increase in traffic since we launched those welcome pages, and in the 12 months to April this year we have seen our exports double from about 16% to 32%.

“It has demonstrated to us the importance of making changes to the company website specifically designed to increase exports.

“We are delighted that this trend has continued during the period April to the end of June 2017 during which time we have supplied no fewer than five additional export customers.

“The fact it has been a great success in just one year gives us confidence to continue in the same vein.”

Since launching the new pages, the company has since received an increase in enquiries from other countries, including five orders in succession from a company in Bulgaria and one from Romania.

Ian Harrison, director of exports for DIT in the Midlands, said: “Hart Materials is a great example of what can be achieved when a business focuses on its website. Our International Trade Advisers are ideally placed to provide this kind of specialist support as part of the wider Exporting is GREAT campaign and it’s great to see that their support is enabling a small company to compete successfully in new markets.”