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New to Exporting - Documentation Support

Getting Your International Paperwork Right is extremely important for any exporting organisation. The Chambers of Commerce are one of the largest providers of export and import documentation services.

These are available by post, over the counter or electronically.

This is a brief overview of some of the services available,contact your local Chamber of Commerce for further details:

  • Standard Shipping Notes & Dangerous Goods Notes
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Letters of Credit Preparation & Processing Service.
  • Arab-British Certificates of Origin
  • EUR1 and ATR Form authentication.
  • ATA Carnets
  • International Import Certificates

Standard Shipping Notes

Both Standard Shipping Notes and Dangerous Goods Notes are readily available when required.

Certificates of Origin

European Certificates of Origin over the counter or you can apply online via E-Cert Express and have the completed document on your desk within the hour

Letters Of Credit Processing Service

Over 80% of Letters of Credit are rejected initially and over 50% on second presentation - a good reason to pass your Letters of Credit to the Chamber and let its professional export documentation service take over! Your credit will be checked to ensure the conditions can be met and the Chamber will liaise with the freight forwarder/shipping company and ensure the transport documents are issued correctly. The remaining documents will be prepared and presented to the Bank on your behalf.

Arab-British Certificates of Origin

The certification and legislation of various documents for export in the Arab League of Nations, including: • Algeria • Bahrain • Iraq • Djibouti • Jordan • Kuwait • Lebanon • Libya • Mauritania • Morocco • Oman • Qatar • Saudi Arabia • Somalia • Sudan • Syria • Tunisia • UAE • Yemen

Egypt, Iran & Paraguay

We can also arrange for legalisation of Export Documentation for Egypt, Iran & Paraguay.

EUR 1 & ATR Form Authentication

We are able to authenticate EUR 1 and ATR forms on behalf of HM Customs & Excise.

Customs helpline number: 0845 101 9000

Tariff Classification Hotline: 01702 366 077


ATA Carnets

We offer an online service for the issue of ATA Carnet documents

International Import Certificates

It is normal practice for a UK individual or company intending to import controlled goods from another COCOM (Coordinating Committee) member country to apply for an International Import Certificate (IIC) at the request of the Licensing Authority of the country of export. An IIC constitutes an undertaking by the importer to import the goods into the country of destination, without diversion or trans-shipment elsewhere, and not to re-export the goods without an export license from the Licensing Authority in the country of importation. It is also an assurance from the Government of that country that it will control any subsequent export of those goods.