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New to Exporting - Make an Export Connection

Do You Know What You Are Missing?

Around 50,000 UK companies exported over £240bn worth of goods and services in 2008.

West Midlands companies accounted for 9.5% of UK Exports, and there are over 7,000 businesses in the region actively exporting.

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Exporting

  • Increase the size of your market -  the UK represents only 5% of the world market so you are missing out on 95% by staying put!
  • Higher Levels of Demand - some products and services are in more demand overseas than the UK and be more suited to overseas markets
  • New Product Development – requirements of new markets can drive new product development that can also have spin offs for your UK business
  • A Unique Selling Proposition -  the 'Made in Britain' label can be a unique selling point
  • Not Keeping All your Eggs in One basket – Exporting can offer protection against a downturn in the UK market.
  • Developing Markets - some products and services in UK have reached market saturation point, whereas certain overseas markets will be less developed and exploited.
  • Seasonal Opportunities - certain seasonal/weather dependent products and services can benefit from 'all year round' demand if the right Export markets are targeted.
  • Economies of Scale - there are likely to be economies of scale from larger volume production which can drive down costs and improve margins.
  • Motivate Yourself & Your Staff -  less obvious reasons for Exporting will include new challenges for the development of staff and opportunities for travel and exposure to new ideas
  • Gain Credibility & Prestige – companies who trade internationally enjoy a higher status and enhanced reputation with customers – Exporting is a badge of merit

If all this points you in the direction of becoming an exporter then take the next step and arrange to see your local International Trade Adviser Team by contacting us on 0845 074 3515 or email enquiries@wmchambers.co.uk