Market research

market researchIdentify and target the right international markets for your business is essential to any export strategy. Marketing research is the first and one of the most vital steps for any organisation whether they are entering a new overseas market or developing existing markets. We can help you with the process of planning and conducting marketing research

How we can help:

  • Use a practical model for selecting and prioritising export markets and the benefits of undertaking market research
  • Marketing research can help you develop a structured and objective international business development strategy
  • Save time and money in conducting effective desk research using the internet and other sources
  • Plan and carry out a field research project overseas and how to evaluate the research results
  • We have a range of DIT advice and services available to help you progress your research activities
  • Understand the key concepts that are important when visiting an overseas market to conduct
  • Helpful pointers to use in selecting and commissioning professional research