Grant support

A limited pot of funding has been secured for 2106/17 to support exporters.

grant-supportUp to £250 can be provided, on a matched funded basis to support the following types of activity when preparing to enter a new market :-

  • Overseas Taxes
  • Export Consultancy
  • Export Strategy
  • Market Information
  • Market Research
  • Seminars
  • Language Training
  • Overseas market visits: - studies for launch of a new product
  • Exhibitors/trade Fairs: -
  • For overseas visits/trade fairs -accommodation & admission fees, flights/transport.
  • Export training: - preparatory/developmental for agreed target market(s)
  • Mileage allowance

Whilst primarily focused on supporting New Exporters to overcome any potential barriers in reaching overseas markets, funding may be available for more established Exporters if there is a strong likelihood of an Export Win being gained as a result.

Any activity supported must be agreed with your ITA, and be included in the Action Plan that is developed with them