Bank Search Information Consultancy Limited

WM-casestudy_BankSearchSector: IT

Location: Rugby, Coventry & Warwickshire

International Trade Adviser: Mick Page

DIT services used: Market Visit Support, Overseas Market Introduction Service and Passport to Export programme

Snapshot – impact of DIT support

  • strong international relationships built
  • visits to key markets



Bank Search Information Consultancy Limited designs and develops software solutions for the financial and public sector. The firm specialises in providing secure and highly user-friendly online information gathering, analysis and presentation tools.

The business challenge

Central banks are Bank Search’s target customer base and the company had identified the Caribbean as key for winning business. Sales and Marketing Director Amelia Anderson explains that “the Caribbean are largely English speaking countries and their economies are sufficiently advanced to require our services, but not sufficiently advanced that the infrastructure is already in place.”

How DIT has helped

Bank Search started working with DIT in November 2012 and Anderson credits DIT with “helping us to achieve our goal of exporting our existing Data Capture System and Interactive Database to central banks and organisations around the world.”

With financial assistance from DIT the company made exploratory market visits to the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. Bank Search was invited back by the Central Bank of Barbados to present a technical paper at the 23rd Annual Regional Central Banks Information Systems Specialists Conference and was introduced to 10 regional central banks. The company has since won a contract for the provision of a Straight-Through Processing System for the Central Bank of Barbados. Anderson anticipates this “will lead to other contracts both in country and in the region as a whole.”

The last two years have seen Bank Search “consistently working to cement our relationships and win sales”, meeting organisations including Banking Associations and Statistics Authorities around the world. Visits have included a mission with the Lord Mayor of the City of London, in October 2013, to Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma/Myanmar, which highlighted future potential for global growth.

International Trade Adviser Mick Page describes Bank Search as a “niche business that concentrates on developing world class solutions for its exacting clients. Bank Search has taken its software and consultancy offer out to Caribbean markets where its personal approach and service is appreciated. This story shows how a strong focus and determination can achieve export results.”