How two friends are taking on the world – one pom pom at a time

Sometimes it’s the smallest object that can end up changing your life. Just ask interior trend experts and founders of Pom Pom Galore, Marisa and Kat. While working for an interiors company in 2013, they were tasked with creating a moodboard for a potential project. And while foraging through fabrics, something colourful caught their eyes – a pom pom.

Marisa says: “The project didn’t go ahead and we were left with this fabulously colourful and fun inspiration board. We couldn’t let it go and became fixated on doing something with a pom pom.

“We decided on creating a decorative pom pom garland – there was nothing like it around at the time. And after playing around with different designs, the rainbow pom pom garland was born.”

Turning an obsession into a business
Taking their venture to the next level felt like the natural next step. Marisa says: “We realised we could use our joint experience in design, retail and marketing to take the pom pom to a wider audience. We started out doing amazing bespoke projects for fashion houses and have never looked back.”

Success came quickly for Pom Pom Galore in the form of a life-changing phone call. Marisa says: “One of my favourite early memories and biggest shocks was getting a phone call from the Warner Brothers’ set designer in our first year. We ended up supplying pom pom garlands for the set of the film, Pan, which was an amazing experience.”

Customers on both sides of the equator
The decision to export was something Marisa and Kat decided on as early as possible. Marisa says: “Because our product is so unique, we knew we’d pick up stockists from all over the world – we’d always planned to be open to exporting.”

When asking Marisa where they’ve found the most success, she explains it’s hard to pinpoint just one country. She says: “We’ve always had customers in America and this year we did our first European trade fair in France. Since then, we’ve seen a big increase in customers from France, Germany and Italy.”

As Pom Pom Galore continues to grow, success comes from places Marisa and Kat would never have expected. Marisa says: “We’ve even exported to an island in the South Pacific!”

Getting exporting right, first time
Marisa and Kat know that successful exporting is all about the details. Marisa says: “We made sure we were as prepared as possible. We made our pricing, delivery options and product details really clear and researched tax and duty rules. We also made sure we understood how different countries like to do business.”

But what really opened their eyes to a world of possibilities was working with DIT. Marisa says: “We’ve always believed in getting expert advice if we’re not sure about something. DIT has been great in answering our questions. They also advised us how to prepare for and exhibit at European trade fairs.”

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