Get the most out of your export dream team

Ready to expand your international operations? There are plenty of people who could be a crucial part of your exporting team. The right squad can help bring in the profits and make that exporting process just a little bit easier. But how does it all come together?

In this post, we’re having a look at two of the most popular ways to build your team – and exactly how they can help you out.

Taking your first steps
Before you begin, it’s important to have a solid export plan. This includes what your product is, how you’ll market it and any resources you’ll need. This is where staffing comes in. You want the best people being key players in the success of your business. Here’s who can help you out:

No we’re not talking about undercover secret agents. We’re talking about local sales people in the foreign market that you’re selling to. Chances are, a good agent will be able to provide the right knowledge at the right time.

They’ll be a dab hand at the local language and have a good idea of the market and what competitors are doing. You’ll be able to save a heap of money as you won’t have to hire translators or provide excessive training.

Just make sure whoever you decide to work with has solid references from other exporters they represent. They’re paid via commission, so hitting sales targets and receiving extra payments can motivate them to meet your needs.

Another route you can take, is working with a distributor. They’re slightly different because they buy your product at a discounted price and sell it to customers at a higher price.

Although they’ll be getting a discount, your business is the one that will pocket the most savings. Distributors also handle any after-sales so you can focus on other things such as manufacturing and don’t have to spend on things like after-sales staff.

But where can you find them? Our International Trade Advisers can help you find trusted Agents and distributors and you can also find them through networking events or through companies in the same sector.

It’s important to ask agents and distributors for references, so you know they are trustworthy and have relevant experience. Plus, any negotiations agreed with external staff should be in writing – you can get legal advice to help you with this.

Finding the way that’s right for you
We can help you build your exporting dream team. With exporting tips, advice and support our International Trade Advisers are here to make recommendations tailored to your business. To start your international adventure or build up your exporting portfolio, talk to us today on or 0345 222 0159.