Five unusual products that are exported every day

Businesses are exporting more goods abroad across every region of the UK. This means more fantastic products are making their way around the world – including those that are on the unusual side. In this blog post, we reveal five UK-made products that you’d never guess were popular across the globe.

Cream for udders

Uddermint specialises in producing high quality pure mint oil, blended into a non-greasy, quick-absorbing udder cream. This soothing cream helps to soften cows’ udders, making life more comfortable for cows during milking time and improving milk production. And it isn’t just British farmers enjoying the benefits of Uddermint.

From its headquarters in Worcestershire, Uddermint products get shipped as far afield as Canada. Talk about ‘pastures’ new.

Retro trailers

The ‘street food’ trend has exploded over the last couple of years. A vintage aluminium trailer is the natural choice for street food vendors, but they aren’t typically equipped to carry bulky catering equipment. That’s where Revival Trailers come in.

This small team of craftsmen handbuild retro-style trailers that are designed with the heaviest cooking equipment in mind. You’ll find their signature silver trailers at foodie events all over the world.


Marisa and Kat, owners of PomPom Galore, are on a mission to ‘spread the love, one pompom at a time’. After finding fame in The Sunday Times and Tatler, Marisa and Kat decided to take their venture global. Their range of fairy lights, garlands and stationery proves that pompoms aren’t just for the top of your woolly hat – they look amazing anywhere.

Bar O2 supplies oxygen systems to home care providers, dentists, GPs, hospitals and emergency services across Britain. But that isn’t all they do. From their Staffordshire-based distribution hub, the family business supplies fully staffed and equipped oxygen bars to event organisers in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Asia.

Horse semen
Whitchurch is a marketing town in Shropshire. It’s home to the most advanced equine breeding facilities and semen processing laboratory in Europe: Stallion AI.

The business has completed over 10,000 collections of horse semen, which is then sent around the world to breed the next generation of premium race horses.

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