Export Opportunities: Israel

UK food exports are at an all time high, with more British manufactured food products being exported than ever before. Our love for all things food is mirrored by Israel, where there are fantastic food opportunities just waiting to be eaten up.

One of the major reasons figures have surged for food exports is because of a growing global appetite for seafood. It’s readily available to us in the UK, but not so easy to find in Israel.

To meet demand, one of the largest distributors of frozen fish in Israel is looking to import salmon to supply to supermarkets. Sounds fin-tastic to us.

Ice cream products
A refreshing ice lolly is a staple for a sunny day during British summertime and seems to be a favourite in Israel. For example, this local importer in Israel wants loads of goodies like ice cream bars and frozen cakes for the season. How about that for a sweet opportunity?

Frozen fruit and veg
A local company in Israel is looking for pre-packed frozen fruit and veggies to turn into delicious smoothies – the perfect healthy drink to feel refreshed in the heat. Think you can help?

Vegan products
This opportunity to provide cheese and meat substitutes for a local company in Israel is your way to tap into this on-trend, niche market. But it doesn’t end there, there’s also an opportunity to export vegetarian snacks as well. The ever-growing vegan and vegetarian industry is sure to bring in the profits for your business. Yum.

Baking products
Flour, eggs and sugar are just three of the things on this commercial baking company’s import list. They want a multitude of ingredients to provide to coffee shops and patisseries. Think this opportunity would be a piece of cake? Get cracking and apply now.

Are you a foodie business looking for new opportunities?
If any of these tasks sound appetising to you, apply using the links above. You can find loads more opportunities similar to these here. What are you waiting for? It’s your time to go global.