Dawn of a new market for Shropshire firm …

After many long-haul business trips and meetings with a host of government officials, a Shropshire firm has secured a new venture for his company in China.
Christopher Wright of Shrewsbury is chief executive of Therapy Audit, a firm that has specialised in digital medical software for the NHS throughout the UK for the past 15 years and will now be exporting its products and services to the Far East.

Next year the company will be opening an office in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province in south China, as the Chinese government launches a huge new initiative with grants and funding for a high technology health care park to help improve health and prosperity in the region.

Christopher said: “This has been a very long-term project as it was essential to build up strong relationships before attempting to attract business. However, our association with specialist agents Nine Health Global and our proven record of working with the NHS has secured involvement with this very exciting initiative.

“In China, we will be launching a new software system termed Beetroot, called that simply because it is a memorable name, which will initially provide a joint monitoring service for diabetes sufferers, matching individual and remote test results to both patients and medical staff simultaneously, which will be run alongside similar tests in the UK.

“The help provided by the Department of International Trade (DIT), both locally in Guiyang and here in Shropshire, has been invaluable as China is such a complicated and delicate market to gain entry to, but having such vital contacts and support has given us a soft landing to export to the country.”

Gerald Whitworth, of the DIT International Trade Team, based at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce in Telford, added: “For such a small company to gain access to the Chinese market with its innovative technology is a remarkable success, China is not an easy market, it can be a very formidable and complicated process.
“We are delighted to have offered support, both locally and in China, and will be providing on-going guidance to Christopher and his team as Therapy Audit moves forward. This highlights another success story and is an excellent example of a small but forward-thinking Shropshire business chasing very distant markets.”

PICTURED: Gerald Whitworth (LEFT) and Christopher Wright at the Chamber of Commerce offices at Battlefield, Shrewsbury.