The Leather Business

leather-goods-buttonA Kidderminster based designer and distributor of corporate gifts The Leather Business, was unhappy with the service they were getting from their Indian suppliers. They wanted to establish their own manufacturing facility in India and had identified an individual who was going to manage the operation on their behalf. IntaTrades inputs at the early stage of their plans helped them to understand their investment options and the overall process, giving them the confidence to move forward rapidly with their plans.


Within 6 months they had established a 100% owned subsidiary and started production in Chennai in an operation employing 30 people. After the first year of operation they were profitable, employing 1000 people in India, their UK sales had grown by 33% and they had appointed an exclusive distributor in Japan.


A year later, despite the global recession, they maintained the business and entered further markets; Japan, Tanzania, Dubai, Kenya and the local Indian business house gift market. In Chennai they are looking to employ further workers.